This special offer aims to inspire people to celebrate their yogic path and voice combining the healing energy of yoga with the creative power of photography in order to promote their yoga stories and encourage everyone in the community to get access to the transformational abilities that yoga can offer them. 

If you are a yoga teacher needing professional photographs for your business, or if you are a practitioner wanting to celebrate the beauty of your practice through photography, and are passionate about spreading the word of yoga, this special offer is the right package for you to help you share your story and have your images featured on our website and social media networks. This will help us grow the yoga community and inspire people to get involved in yoga practice. 

ABS-Express-Series-Conceptual-Fine Art-Photography-

The yoga portraits, which we will help you create, will be more than just an image. It will be a living, breathing extension of the pose itself, a tribute to the subject's indomitable inner spirit and radiant beauty. I (myself a dedicated yogi and 500-hour certified yoga instructor) have an intuitive knack for choosing lighting and settings that complement the subject's personality, creating a portrait that is as personal as it is artistically astute. Through light, composition, texture and mood, we will transforms every asana into a magical symbol of longevity and joy.

The session can be either held at my home studio or at the location of your choice (your own yoga studio, home or on-location outdoor).

Share your yoga story!